Help find the perfect family for your new friend

Why Become a Foster?


Foster caregivers have the challenge and joy of caring for dogs and cats (and the occasional rabbit). A fosters caregiver bring animals into the home and cares for them. Parenting an animal is very similar to parenting a child. A foster caregiver works with the individual’s temperament to prepare him for placement in a permanent, loving home.

An animal may be in a foster home for as little as a week or for several months. Caregivers work with the Foster Care coordinator to give homeless animals a second chance at becoming valued members of someone’s family. The entire process is amazingly challenging and rewarding.

If you believe you can provide a loving, temporary home for an animal in need, please read our Foster Home Agreement and complete our Foster Home Application. An MFOA volunteer will phone to schedule a home visit.

You will be amazed how fulfilling being a foster animal caregiver can be.

Maumelle Friends of the Animals:
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Phone: (501) 851-7114